Drone Safety Information

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Professional Standard

The Drone Company has invested heavily into the latest aerial drone platforms. With safety being the priority of our operation all our aerial platforms are serviced and maintained in-house.


We carry a worldwide £10 million public liability insurance policy to ensure we are covered for every eventuality. If you are looking to supply your own payload our insurance provides comprehensive cover.

Risk Assessment

Prior to and upon arriving at location our drone team’s will complete a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure the safety of your crew, observers and the general public.

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What is a no-fly zone?

In the UK there are several types of airspace in which you cannot fly a drone, and these are known as “no fly zones”. By default, drone operators are prohibited to fly in these areas however providing prior notice is given we are able to obtain permission. We will additionally take care of any risk assessments or stewarding plans which are required to make the operation safe.