Frequently Asked Questions

How The Drone Company operate

Our limitations
How high can you fly?

UK CAA guidelines stipulate a maximum altitude of 400ft (120m). Higher altitudes can be achieved however this requires additional time and prior approval.

How far can you fly?

We are able to fly our drones up to 500m away from where the pilot is standing, although visual line of sight must be maintained at all times.

Can you fly at events?

Yes! For crowds under 1,000 people we need to stay at least 50m away and cannot fly over anyone not in our control, for crowds over 1,000 people this distance increases to 150m.

Where can you fly?

Our licence permits us to operate UK wide however we must obtain landowner permission for the takeoff and landing site.

Can you fly in London?

Yes, in-fact some of our favourite projects have been filmed in the capital. It takes a lot of additional planning but invest the time and the results are stunning!

Can you fly in the rain?

Unfortunately we cannot fly in the rain, this is due to exposed electric points on the drone and water on the lens will ruin the shot. We will be flexible to find a suitable day!

Can you fly at night?

Yes, having proved our safety to the CAA we hold an additional permission to film at night. A day time recce is required by the pilot in order to complete the flight.

Can you operate abroad?

Certainly, we have filmed in a number of different countries over the years from the Pyrenees in Spain to the City of Petra in Jordan.

How about the wind?

For the best results we recommend flying in wind under 15mph, however our drones are capable of wind speeds up to 22mph.

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