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6K Resolution – Solar Panel Powered Solution – No requirement for external power

About Our Technology

Our long Term Time-lapse Features

Solar Powered System

Our camera systems are powered by a small solar panel, enabling you to install the camera in locations without mains power. The camera is a 220 degree wide angled lens providing 6K resolution time-lapse videos and images.

Remote Monitoring

The unit is 4G connected which allows us not only to monitor the camera health remotely, but to upload them to your own custom portal. Our platform generates your timelapse videos automatically for you to download from your portal.

Remote Camera Control

Remote monitoring also enables us to alter the image capture frequency and customise the capture times according to specific site operating hours. This gives us the ability to increase coverage and detail during periods of increased activity on site.

Automatic Monthly Updates

We will automatically send you a monthly update video to show the progress to date month on month.

These can be included in newsletters or embedded onto your website.

Unique ownership programme

Once the project duration has been completed, you own the camera. We will then install this on any other site with no upfront fee.

AI Technology

Our platform uses AI technology to automatically blur the faces of any people on site making all images collected GDPR compliant.

Marketing Content

At the end of the project, or at any point throughout the progress of the site, we will put together a start to finish video edited together with company logos and music.

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