Now that drones are becoming much more accessible, the uses and applications that they have to offer are increasing. They are being put to use in much more ways than we’re used to. Since the development and use of drones have really taken off in recent years, businesses are continuing to test, explore and really push the boundaries with them to see how a drone could go on to become of use to them.

We take a look at five different jobs that we feel could be made a lot easier with the introduction of drone technology. Many of these uses are either being looked into at the moment or are already underway, and could make a huge difference in the industry.

Delivery Services

This is a method of use that is already being tested by Amazon, and it seems as though it is a matter of time before this service is fully drone deployed. Currently, there is debate over the use of a drone delivery service, though in other places in the world this is a method that is already slowly being introduced and put into place. We feel that with the help of drones, deliveries could be made a whole lot easier.  Drone flight deliveries could provide a much faster, safer, as well as more economical way of shipping in comparison to the overland routes that are currently used.

Disaster Zone Aid and Exploration

Natural disasters are just one of those devastating unavoidable factors in life, and since they cannot necessarily be stopped, the best thing that can be done is improve how you deal with these situations. Drones can drastically improve the response to natural disasters and can help to quickly locate survivors. Drones can be used to scout over the damage and explore the areas that may be tough to access on foot, not to mention providing a much quicker and more efficient response. The use of drones can provide a number of benefits to the response teams of natural disasters. Not only could they be used to find and help survivors, but as well could be a great way to transport aid and supplies to others affected.

Structural Inspection

Some buildings can be extremely unstable before they are redeveloped, therefore it can be too dangerous for people to go inside and inspect the overall damage and condition of the interior. Therefore with the use of drones, this job can not only be made much easier but also be made much safer. The idea behind this is that in certain cases companies and architects will be able to deploy a drone to carefully go inside the building and capture and measure the overall state of the building. It doesn’t stop there either, this can be continued to be used and monitor progress across the reconstruction. This provides a much safer way of working, as well as making the job much easier and relieving a bit of stress of sending someone in to investigate for them. The use of drones within the construction industry is rapidly growing for these reasons.

Search and Rescue

Drones can also be very beneficial when it comes to search and rescue for missing and lost people. For instance, this can be used by emergency services as a way to use a little less man power but still efficiently search for missing people. It is also said that the first few hours are crucial in the search for a missing person, and the use of a drone can vastly expand the area you can search. This will increase the travel speed and efficiency across the search, especially as you will able to work alongside CCTV and retrace the steps of the person in question; being able to see where they were spotted last. Therefore hopefully being able to find them much quicker than you would be able to if you were carrying out the search on foot.

Pipeline and Electrical Line Inspection

A large number of utility companies use commercial piloted aircraft, including both aeroplanes and helicopters in order to travel and review hundreds of miles of electrical lines, as well as towers and isolated substations, and oil/gas pipelines and various pumping stations. Reviewing each of these can be an extremely dangerous task for the pilots and inspectors, not to mention an extremely expensive one. Therefore the introduction of drones could help make this much easier and less dangerous 樂威壯
to complete; especially if the drones are fully equipped with various cameras and video transmitters. This will allow the companies to carry out the same tasks, but without putting anyone at risk.

As the popularity of drones continues to rise they are being used in an increasing number of ways. A number of industries are already making great use of drones as others continue to find new ways they can be of use. These are just five ways that drones can help to make tasks even easier and improve the service that is already available.

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