So far this year we have had covered projects ranging from large scale deployments of over 350 sites down to small scale projects with between 5-10 sites and one-off projects.


We have shown our clients we have the capacity to scale up our operations whilst retaining the expected quality and deployment times.

Our strongest sectors that have benefited from our services has included residential development, commercial development, facilities management and surveying.

Below are some case studies from projects this year:


Facilities management

We completed 354 site visits across the UK in 3 months.

To view full Lidl Case Study below, click on the image:

Structural Surveying

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Case Study: Battersea Power Station Chimney Inspection and Survey

We were contracted to complete a survey of a chimney at the new Battersea Power Station development which is being converted into a viewing platform with a lift shaft. Our work included a ground based LIDAR survey and visual aerial inspection. The LIDAR survey enabled the engineers to receive accurate measurements for the anchor points up the chimney. The visual inspection enabled the engineers to view in detail the anchor points and we also merged the the LIDAR with photogrammetry from the drone images to fill in any gaps in the data. This enabled our client to receive the a complete set of data which was essential to the safe install of the lift shaft.

Commercial and Residential Collateral

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We work with the largest developers in London and the UK to provide them with a variety of content to promote their developments. Clients include Multiplex, Mount Anvil, Osbornes, Morgan Sindall, Hollybrook Homes, Comer Homes, Lodha UK, and more. We provide them with monthly update videos and photography from the start of projects all the way through to completion. This also includes 360 photography and video and virtual reality content.


CGI Photography and Video – Verified Views

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Example Case Study: Greenwich Peninsula

We create views from the rooms of apartments that have not been built yet which enables our clients to show their prospective customers a view from each specific flat in a development. We are able to fly our aircraft to specific heights and specific locations on site which very accurately replicates a view from their flat.


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